Brighten your Autumn by winning a share of €5,000 or an iPhone 6!

We would like to congratulate DjPonxxx of Portugal for being the lucky winner of our Prize Draw, the iPhone is in the post!

How to participate?

Opt-in to the promotion by clicking the button below
Place your qualifying bets (1.50 minimum odds, €20 max stake)
Your score will be calculated as follows:
- €1 won from a bet placed on www.betclic.com earns you 2 points
- €1 won from a bet placed on mobile (m.betclic.com, Android or iPhone app) earns you 3 points
- €1 lost earns you 1 point

Place a €10 bet on football at odds of 5.00
- if the bet wins and was placed on the website, you earn 10 x 5 x 2 points = 100 points
- if the bet wins and was placed on mobile, you earn 10 x 5 x 3 points = 150 points
- if the bet loses, you earn 10 x 1 point = 10 points



Version: 1.0
Date of Issue: [08:00] GMT on 09/10/2014

1. The promoter of The "Autumn Challenge" is Betclic (Gibraltar) Limited ('Betclic'). Note however that Betclic Everest (Gibraltar) Limited provides services to our UK registered customers in order for them to be able to place bets. If you are a UK registered customer and your betting and gaming transaction is covered by these Specific Conditions, references to "Betclic”, "we", "us" and/or "our" in these Specific Conditions and in the General Conditions are to Betclic Everest (Gibraltar) Limited.

2. The Promotion runs from October 9th 2014 (00:00 GMT) to November 9th 2014 (23:59 GMT) (“the Period”).

3. The Promotion is available exclusively to players who have an account with Betclic (“Account”). Each player must register his Account on the Promotion homepage in order to enter.

4. Taking part in the Promotion represents acceptance of all Terms & Conditions, including the Betclic General Terms & Conditions which can be found on www.betclic.com (“the Site”).

5. To participate in the Promotion, a player must log in, register and then place at least one bet, multiple or single, live or non-live, on any of the sports offered on the Site during the Period, each bet having a maximum value of €20 and minimum odds of 1.50 (“Qualifying Bet”).

6. Only Qualifying Bets count towards the Promotion.

7. In the event that a customer makes one or more identical repeated bets (same match and bet type), only the first bet will be accepted as a Qualifying Bet. Voided bets and systems bet types will not be accepted as Qualifying Bets.

8. Customers receive points in accordance with the Qualifying Bets they make (“Points”). Scores will be converted into Euro currency and then into Points. If the Qualifying bet is a winning bet placed from the web (via www.betclic.com), each 1 euro which is won will earn 2 Points. If the Qualifying bet is a winning bet placed from the mobile (via m.betclic.com, Android or iPhone app), each 1 euro which is won will earn 3 Points. Accordingly, the higher the accumulated winnings of the winning Qualifying Bet, the higher the customer’s score will be. If the Qualifying bet is a losing bet, each 1 euro which is placed will earn 1 Point.

9. The participating customers will be ranked on a scoreboard. The scoreboard will be displayed on the Promotion landing page throughout the Promotion and Betclic will use its best endeavours to update the scoreboard at regular intervals. The scoreboard showing the final scores will be displayed on the Promotion landing page at the end of the Period.

10. The 25 customers with the highest final scores will receive the prizes listed below (“the Prizes”):
1st place - €1000 Freebet for Betclic Sports
2nd place – €800 Freebet for Betclic Sports
3rd place - €600 Freebet for Betclic Sports
4th place – €400 Freebet for Betclic Sports
5th place - €200 Freebet for Betclic Sports
6th to 10th places - €150 Freebet for Betclic Sports
11th to 15th places - €100 Freebet for Betclic Sports
16th to 25th places - €50 Freebet for Betclic Sports

11. A player can only enter the Promotion once.

12. In the event of a tie, the player who has placed the greatest number of Qualifying Bets during the Period will receive the highest ranking.

13. In relation to 1st to 25th place Prizes: the freebets will be credited to each winner’s Betclic account at the end of the Promotion. The use of the freebet is governed by the rules applicable to the Sports universe. The rules can be found in the General Terms & Conditions of Betclic. In order to unlock or withdraw the bonus as cash, the user must bet the bonus amount six times with minimum odds of 2.00. Each bet must be placed on an event with three or more potential outcomes. If the bonus amount is placed on more than one bet, each bet must be placed on different markets (i.e. different bet types on one fixture or one bet type on different fixtures). Each bonus is valid for thirty (30) days from when it is issued. Any unused bonus may be removed from the player’s account after this time. The rules in this clause 13 which are applicable to the freebet are subject to change at Betclic’s sole discretion. Any amendment will be communicated via an update of these terms and conditions.

14. The prize draw for the iPhone 6 will be held on November 10th 2014; and the winner will be notified within 48 hours of the draw being completed. The winner of the prize draw will be chosen at random from all players who have earned at least 10 points during the promotion's Period. Betclic's decision as to the winner will be final.

15. The winner of the prize draw will win a brand new 16GB iPhone 6. The prize is not transferable. The prize can be exchanged for €250 freebet. The freebet will be credited to the winner's Betclic account.

16. Betclic strictly prohibits the use of robotic, automated, mechanical, electronic or other devices to make automated decisions in any game or in respect of any bet on the Site, whether such use is attempted or effected by a customer or by any third parties. Should Betclic have reasonable suspicion that any such device is being used on the Site, Betclic reserves the right to suspend the Account in question pending investigation into the matter and to terminate the Account at its sole discretion. Betclic considers the use of such devices to be tantamount to fraud and reserves its right in such a case not to refund any balance on the Account at the time of termination, to cancel any pending bets or games and to exclude the relevant party from the Promotion.

17. Winners will be contacted via the information provided by each player on his/her Betclic account.

18. Winners agree to allow their names to be published on the Site to publicise this and future promotions without remuneration.

19. Only one registration is permitted for the Promotion per Betclic account, which shall mean no more than one registration per IP address and/or per computer device.

20. The English language version of these Terms and Conditions will prevail over any other language version which we may issue.

21. In the event of any bonus abuse being identified or suspected by Betclic, bonus offers will not be granted or, if already granted, will be removed. Betclic reserves the right to suspend a player’s account pending investigation into suspected bonus abuse and to terminate such player’s account if it appears to Betclic that bonus abuse has been committed. “Abuse” includes, but is not limited to, the use of multiple accounts to gain multiple entries to the Promotion.

22. Betclic reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions as it sees fit whenever it sees fit and to modify any aspect of the Promotion, including the Prizes. Betclic reserves the right to prohibit or exclude certain individuals, groups or regions from the Promotion with immediate effect at Betclic’s total discretion.

23. Betclic is in no way affiliated or commercially connected with any of the leagues, competitions, teams and organisers involved in this promotion.

24. Betclic's decision in all matters related to the Promotion is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.


  • 54714.17 1 Khou***
  • 52127.73 2 radzi***
  • 42133.77 3 tadeusz2***
  • 34916.11 4 nmfpe***
  • 30515.38 5 VIT***
  • 29687.14 6 carlosbr***
  • 26248.25 7 pedro20***
  • 25376.71 8 lana***
  • 23998.93 9 h03***
  • 20851.16 10 ruiland***
  • 20628.59 11 FIF***
  • 20560.92 12 hugoricar***
  • 19679.76 13 Brunopin***
  • 19573.21 14 souzaforte***
  • 18213.83 15 kispes***
  • 17896.79 16 LUISFPERE***
  • 17783.69 17 _Migu***
  • 17168.19 18 quaresman***
  • 15822.80 19 mareck***
  • 15058.43 20 FRLEi***