May is always an exciting month for sports lovers as many major events are taking place such as the Europa League final, the end of the domestic football leagues, the Ice Hockey World Championships and the Roma and Madrid Masters amongst others.

Place bets on any sports with minimum odds 1.50 and minimum stake €5, climb the levels and get prizes! If the eligible Bet is placed on a mobile device each Euro staked will be worth 3 points, if the bet is placed through the website, each Euro staked will earn 2 points.

Levels Points Prizes
1 300 €5
2 750 €10
3 1500 €20
4 4500 €50
5 7500 €100
6 18000 €200
7 45000 €500
8 90000 €1000

Terms and conditions

Start Date: 11th May 2018 00:01 GMT
End Date: 27th May 2018 23:59 GMT
Publication: 11th May 2018 00:01 GMT
Version number: 1.0

  • 1. Taking part in this promotion represents acceptance of all Terms and Conditions including the Bonus Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions of Betclic.

  • 2. The promotion is valid on Betclic from 00.00 GMT on Tuesday 11th May 2018 until 23.59 GMT on Sunday 27th May 2018 (“the period”).

  • 3. Players must opt-in to take part in the promotion.

  • 4. An Eligible Bet must be a live or pre-live, single or multiple bet on any market of any sport between 11th May and 27th May. All Eligible bets must have a minimum odds of 1.50 and a minimum stake of €5.

  • 5. Only settled Eligible Bets placed with real money count towards this promotion. Duplicate bets, voided bets, system bets, fully or partially Cashed Out Bets as well as bets placed with bonus money will not be accepted as Eligible Bets.

  • 6. Customers receive points in accordance with the Eligible Bets they make (“Points”). Bets will be converted into Euro currency and then into Points. If the Eligible Bet is placed on a mobile device each Euro staked will be worth 3 points, if the bet is placed through the website, each Euro staked will earn 2 Point.

  • 7.All sport bets are accepted under the condition that customers do not use any strategy to increase their bet volume. The following rules must be respected in order to earn points:
    • The minimum bet amount in order to earn points is €5.
    • The minimum odds a bet can be placed on is 1.5.


    • A bet of €10 at odds of 1.5 placed on the website will earn the player 20 points (€1 played on the website gives 2 points).
    • A bet of €10 at odds of 1.5 placed on the mobile application will earn the player 30 points (€1 played on mobile app gives 3 points).
    • A bet of €6 at odds of 1.2 will not earn the player any points.
    • A bet of €2 at odds of 2.2 will not earn the player any points.

  • 8. All participating players will be ranked on an automatically updated leaderboard. The leaderboard will be displayed on the promotion page throughout the promotion. The leaderboard showing the final scores will be displayed on the landing page, at the end of the promotion.

  • 9. Prizes will be awarded as players’ progress through the challenge, as per the table below:

    Challenge Awards

    Level 1

    €5 Sportsbook Bonus

    Level 2

    €10 Sportsbook Bonus

    Level 3

    €20 Sportsbook Bonus

    Level 4

    €50 Sportsbook Bonus

    Level 5

    €100 Sportsbook Bonus

    Level 6

    €200 Sportsbook Bonus

    Level 7

    €500 Sportsbook Bonus

    Level 8

    €1000 Sportsbook Bonus

  • 10. Customers will receive their prizes on the 18th and the 28th of May.

  • 11. Prizes are not cumulative. Customers receiving bonuses on 18th May will have the credited bonus amount deducted from their final prize credited at the end of the promotion on 28th May.

  • 12. The rules applying to the use of Sportsbook Bonuses are available at the Bonus Terms and Conditions page.

  • 13. Eligible turnover starts from when the bonus amount has been credited to the customer account.

  • 14. If the bonus turnover requirements haven't been met within 90 days, the remaining bonus money, and any potential winnings generated from the bonus money, will be cancelled and deducted from the betting account

  • 15. By participating in the competition, the winners authorise Betclic and without compensation, to use their first name, first initial of their surname OR username, and their town/city of residence in all promotional materials, PR, and any publication on any Betclic websites, so that Betclic can publicise current or future promotions.

  • 16. Any player who violates any of these Terms & Conditions and/or in the event that we reasonably suspect that a player has acted fraudulently by way of registering multiple accounts or by any other means obtaining an unfair or unintended advantage, we reserve the right to stop any attempted withdrawal of funds, suspend and/or close the account and retain the total balance on the account including any bonus funds and winnings.

  • 17. Betclic is in no way associated with the Ice Hockey World Championships, ATP Tour, UEFA Champions League or its competitors.

  • Ranking

    • 334543.59 1 livk***
    • 116023.44 2 radz***
    • 74290.16 3 elk***
    • 64571.12 4 radzio***
    • 32465.12 5 Filip***
    • 25806.46 6 Hermeli***
    • 24354.72 7 dariuszrus***
    • 22520.13 8 tomciopogrom***
    • 21720.36 9 rakro***
    • 20081.43 10 MaEsTr***
    • 16461.66 11 WojtekTorc***
    • 16403.07 12 apollo2***
    • 13797.60 13 Emi***
    • 12393.21 14 adi***
    • 9173.67 15 SerC***
    • 8277.46 16 borek2***
    • 7688.04 17 szeppen***
    • 7300.40 18 cult***
    • 6781.46 19 asiek***
    • 6773.71 20 karlik***