American Football
Outright Winner
Seattle Seahawks 6.00 Baltimore Ravens 25.00 Minnesota Vikings 50.00
New England Patriots 7.00 Pittsburgh Steelers 28.00 Miami Dolphins 50.00
Green Bay Packers 8.00 New York Giants 30.00 Buffalo Bills 50.00
Denver Broncos 12.00 San Diego Chargers 30.00 Cleveland Browns 70.00
Dallas Cowboys 16.00 Arizona Cardinals 30.00 New York Jets 100.00
San Francisco 49ers 18.00 Kansas City Chiefs 35.00 Washington Redskins 100.00
Indianapolis Colts 18.00 Carolina Panthers 35.00 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 125.00
Philadelphia Eagles 22.00 Houston Texans 40.00 Oakland Raiders 200.00
Detroit Lions 25.00 Atlanta Falcons 40.00 Jacksonville Jaguars 200.00
Cincinnati Bengals 28.00 Chicago Bears 50.00 Tennessee Titans 200.00
New Orleans Saints 28.00 St. Louis Rams 50.00
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