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What Are Betclic Tickets?

Betclic Tickets are a form of currency on our tables. They can grant you access to tournaments by being used in place of an entry fee (buy-in). The value of each ticket is defined by the amount of entry fee in can be used to replace.

Some tickets can also be used in only one specific tournament and therefore cannot be used elsewhere.

There are two main types of Betclic Tickets:
  • Monetary Value Ticket


Monetary Value Tickets are tickets with a set monetary equivalent (eg. “$200 Ticket”, “$1 Ticket”, etc.) They can be used to register for selected tournaments that accept them as currency.

In this case tickets will cover part or entire cost of registering to that tournament. (eg. $1 Ticket can be used to buy-in for any $1 + $0 Chip and Chair tournament; a $200 Ticket can be used to pay majority of buy-in into $200 + $15 tournament – in this case player will be required to cover additional fee cost from their bankroll).

  • Generic value Super Ticket


These are all Tickets that have no specific value attached to them. Instead they are used to register for special tournaments that accept them as a form of registration (eg. Daily $1,000 Freerolls).

Those tournaments or promotions will always clearly state that they accept Tickets and how to get them. Each Super Ticket can only be used in one single promotion.

Players can replenish their Tickets in different promotions. This will be always clearly stated in promotion description.


In order to validate gaining a Betclic Poker Ticket and then be able to use it, click on the "Bonus" section in the "Cashier" section of the poker software.