€2,000 freeroll for our top 50 players every month!

As well as our weekly €1k and €5k Series, we're offering our players the chance to show their skills and win their share of €2,000 in cash with the Betclic Poker League.

Cash in any of the €1k you'll earn points for the Betclic Poker League. Win one €1k Series and you will automatically qualify for the next Poker League final. The second Saturday each month we'll also invite the top 30 players from last month's leaderboard to battle it out for €2,000!

There will be a maximum of 50 players in our Betclic Poker League finals and the top 10 players are guaranteed at least €100. Win the BPL Final and you'll have €500 added to your account - and all of this just for playing and depositing at Betclic Poker.

Betclic Poker League - Prize Structure(€2,000 GTD, max. 50 entrants)
Position Prize
1st €500
2nd €350
3rd €250
4th €150
5th €150
6th €150
7th €150
8th €100
9th €100
10th €100

How to earn points for the Poker League

In order to receive points and climb the leaderboard ladder, you need to cash in the €1k Series. The higher the position, the more points you collect and the higher the chance to be in the top 30 players who will receive an invitation to the monthly Betclic Poker League.

The winners of the €1k Series Tournament automatically qualify to the next Betclic Poker League. The rest of the players who cash in any of the €1k Series will receive points based on the position they finished. Each €1k Series has a fixed 150 payouts to the top players.

The equation that describes the point system is the following:

  • Points = (150 – Position) + 1
  • Points: Number of points the player receives
  • 150: Number of total payouts in the €1k Series
  • Position: The position that a player finishes in the tournament.

For example, if a tournament has 200 registered players, the 150 of them will “get in the money” with the winner automatically qualifying to the next Poker League.

  • The player who finishes in second place will receive the following points: Points = (150 – Position) + 1 = (150 – 2) + 1= 149 points
  • The player in 11th place: Points = (150 – 11) + 1= 140 points
  • The player in 150th place: Points = (150 – 150) + 1 = 1 point

The tournament standings will be updated every Tuesday and Thursday.

Poker League and €5k Series Dates

The Poker League finals run the second Saturday every month at 18:00 GMT with the qualification period being the previous calendar month.
Please find below the dates for all the Poker League dates for 2017.

Poker League finals
Qualification Period Poker League final date Time (GMT)
January Saturday 11th February 2017 18:00
February Saturday 11th March 2017 18:00
March Saturday 8th April 2017 18:00
April Saturday 13th May 2017 18:00
May Saturday 10th June 2017 18:00
June Saturday 8th July 2017 18:00
July Saturday 12th August 2017 18:00
August Saturday 9th September 2017 18:00
September Saturday 14th October 2017 18:00
October Saturday 11th November 2017 18:00
November Saturday 09th December 2017 18:00

€5k Series Tournaments

The €5k Series Tournaments run the second Sunday every month at 18:00 GMT with the qualification period being the previous calendar month. Please find below the dates for all the €5k Series tournaments for 2017.

€5k Series Tournaments
Qualification Period €5k Series tournament date Time (GMT)
January Sunday 12th February 2017 18:00
February Sunday 12th March 2017 18:00
March Sunday 09th April 2017 18:00
April Sunday 14th May 2017 18:00
May Sunday 11th June 2017 18:00
June Sunday 9th July 2017 18:00
July Sunday 13th August 2017 18:00
August Sunday 10th September 2017 18:00
September Sunday 8th October 2017 18:00
October Sunday 12th November 2017 18:00
November Sunday 10th December 2017 18:00

Current Standings

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